Want to learn the tools to change your life?

Transcend The Box

Transcend The Box is my signature VIP 1:1 3 month coaching program designed to get you into the driver's seat of your life. This is not for people who are new to the trans world and want to explore themselves.

What You'll Achieve...

  • More mental space to process crap as it comes up (less freak outs and overloads!)
  • Able to brush of hate comments like they're nothing.
  • You'll have future aspirations, with nothing stopping you from getting there!
  • You'll get rid of triggers from your past.
  • You'll have conscious and unconscious alignment, so that the 95% isn't holding you back!

What You'll Get...

  • 12x private 1:1 calls with me.
  • Support during office hours (help with Q's).
  • Worksheets to aid in your learning.
  • Access to surveys to plan out your goals and find limitations.
  • Resources to help you process crap before it gets on top of you again.
Transgender, Transcend the box

Trans Exploration

Trans Exploration is my 1 month coaching program for if you are new to this whole world, and are exploring your identity, and want an affordable option to speak to someone with a trans lived experience to help you through your thoughts, and find some clarity on the direction you want to take in life.

Transformation Session

This package is designed to help you let go of any negative emotions which are no longer serving you, reprogram your mind and your thoughts, crush any inner conflicts, and set goals into the future. The goal of this, is to increase your feeling of wholeness within yourself, and crush your limitations so you can move forward with more passionate focus. 

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Working with me one on one, you will be able to be free of any negative emotions anchoring you in the past, you will reprogram your mind and your thoughts to better serve you, crush any inner conflicts, and set goals into the future so that you can move forward without all that weight on your shoulders.


Think of this like your brain is a web browser, and we’re closing all the tabs you don’t need anymore. You will be feeling whole, confident, and secure within yourself.


We will set you up for success in the now and in the future. This really is like hitting the reset button. Within 3-6 months, we can literally change the direction of your life entirely if that is what you desire.


My ultimate goal is to watch you be free of your past, to honor and unconditionally love your authentic self, and get some control and empowerment in your life! You can have a beautiful sense of calm, confidence and happiness within yourself, and absolutely crush life in whatever way is perfect for you! CLAIM IT. It’s YOURS if you want it!

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