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Graeme Cartmell


"Its hard to put into words just how much Jasmine has helped me."

"After just one session I already noticed a huge difference. I was immediately happier and more relaxed. Unfortunately, just five days later my whole world fell apart 💔 But Jasmine was there for me and made sure I was safe and went vastly above and beyond their job description to keep me that way! I know that without their help I would have fallen really far, and may not have been able to get back up again.

Despite this huge setback, our sessions continued and I'm really grateful for that because I actually feel positive about my future now and I'm actively trying ways of making my life better instead of hiding myself away all the time. The difference Javine Coaching has made to my anxiety levels alone is amazing. I was able to go to a doctor I'd never seen before, alone, and deal with everything in a foreign language and didn't feel nervous or anxious at all! This would have been unthinkable a month ago and would have had me stressing for at least two days before the event.

Jasmine is pretty much my hero now."


"Meeting you Jasmine was a life changer for me."

"I was not quite sure what to expect. I was constantly worried about other people's opinions. Always scared to take a step in case someone would disapprove of it. I spent weeks just to have courage to take the step in reaching out to Jasmine, but what I regret now is that I didn't do it sooner.


I still have some insecurity, but I have reached so far with her help and would not have got this far by myself. Thanks to Jasmine I have now do more things to make myself comfortable without thinking of what others would say or think about me. I am so grateful to have met her and the community she has gathered with so many people with understanding and no judging.


Meeting you Jasmine was a life changer for me. A change in the right direction ❤"


“The short of it is this is worth it and incredibly helpful.”


"Jasmine is an amazing and a real caring soul."

"That never made feel uneasy or felt like I was being judged when I shared what was bothering me and the things that I felt ashamed off. She has such a unique way of looking at things and has so much knowledge and tools that she taught me to help and to over come my difficulties. Thank you so much Jasmine"


“Don’t hold back jump in now and start living to the true you”

“OMG what can I say, Jasmine is an angel earth side Xx I had a breakthrough experience with her and she was able to help me release  so much deep rooted pain from the past, I will be forever grateful to Jasmine for this. She was so calm and gentle with me while I went through the experience I couldn't of asked for more.

Anyone who is thinking of working with Jasmine you will be so glad you did, don't hold back jump in now and start living to the true you Xx”


"You're amazing and having had you work on my journey and experiencing what you bring, you are going to change so many lives Xxx anyone looking for that change, that person who is able to guide you and teach you tools to get through to the next level, I can't recommend Jasmine enough 🙏🙏
thank you for being on my journey Xx"


"Omg, the past life regression you did for me was amazing, connecting to my grandma like that ❤️❤️❤️
I have no words Xx

Thank you so much Jasmine you are amazing Xx 🙏"


“How powerful is that!”

“Only take 1.5hrs apart 😱 I'm totally rocking the pebbles look but at the difference in my eyes, my face, everything about my presence.


Holy shit, we did a lot of work in that 1.5 hrs, Jasmine took me through timeline therapy and I couldn't believe what came up!


After years of therapy, Jasmine flipped my whole world upside down in a bloody amazing way! She shifted this event that happened to me 25 years ago in 1.5hrs 🤯 How powerful is that!


“Thank you Javine Coaching our sessions were groundbreaking”

“Thank you Javine coaching our sessions were groundbreaking. Since our sessions I became so crystal clear on who I am and what I am here to do. My values are aligned with purpose and intention. Thanks jasmine xo”



“I feel different than what I have been”

"Thank you for the session it has helped me out in more ways than I thought it had after the fact. I know we only just finished but I feel different than what I have been feeling all my life, it has helped me put stuff into perspective and for that I say thank you"

Tarot Testimonials

"Jasmine was so helpful and direct in answering my question! You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I feel so much more at ease. I see career and many of my friends have also expressed Jasmine's view - except Jasmine has expressed it in a clearer and more logical fashion!


It was amazing. I specifically liked the conclusion section where you mention your verdict on the above. I also liked how you laid out your arguments/reasons before reaching your specific conclusion. I also love how you told me about your position and how you relate to my situation as well.


I feel more at ease with making my decision but I also liked how you said that in both I will succeed. This made me feel like I am not necessarily making 'the wrong choice'.


It was clear and logical and actionable! I also liked how it was more direct and made for me. I would absolutely reccomend you."

- Neilab

"All I can say is WOW. My reading was so detailed, and though she focused on making positive movements towards my fostering dream ans living situation - the information and wisdom seemed to spill into my romantic relationship. I have never had a reading with suggested action steps, and this is highly valuable to me and gives me a sense of empowerment in developing my own path to happiness and also my dreams. it lets me feel I have a say and control - if I make the right decisions.


I felt so empowered after reading this. I would definitely enjoy another reading from her in the future. EXCELLENT!! Thank you so much. I so value this reading!


As I stated above - I loved the suggested action steps, they were practical yet empowering and I will take all that she said and put it into action! I am excited to see where this leads.


Best reading I have ever had. I would have her keep doing what she is doing. I know I have said this several times, but I felt empowered to carve out my own journey! The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value!"

- Joan

"My options are now perfectly clear. I couldn't get the clarity to assist in making a decision now I know what could happen and feel more comfortable exploring these options.


You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I feel fully equipped to move forward in the decision making process.


It was clear, concise and without inside influence. It had a touch of 'this is what helps me to remember when I'm struggling' and I love it!


It was absolutely amazing ❤️"

- Amber

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